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Authentic food ingredients from the sub-continent has always been at the forefront of all households. And this is exactly where Muscle Cheff  steps in. We focus on bringing the best Indian ingredients to the shores of South Africa and other countries Surrounding South Africa. Muscle Cheff is a South African owned and operated brand with a strong presence in all leading grocery stores. Our Basmati rice is the “longest Basmati in the world” and is renowned for its aromatic feel along with the quality of its grain. Browse through our website to learn more about our other products!


We provide premium Rice grown by traditional methods, without using harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Our procurement team takes care of the fact that our Rice meets the premium quality status and provide complete nutritional value and best taste.


India is heaven of exotic spices and has attracted countries of the globe for centuries, which i why we proudly import the finest Spices that India has to offer.

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Muscle Cheff

Muscle Cheff stands as one among the best organic spices suppliers and importers from India and has established a large customer base throughout South Africa and Countries throughout Africa 

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